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Below are my basic rates for ghostwriting services, all of which are indicated in USD. These include rates for content copywriting and ebooks. Rates for other tasks can be negotiated. A deposit of 50% is payable up front for all jobs unless we have a standing arrangement, or – in the case of ebooks – you prefer to pay per project section completed.

Any balance is due once the task has been completed to your satisfaction and as per agreement.

Why do I ask for a deposit?

Firstly, anything can happen. Either of us could land in hospital or land in the middle of a crisis. We split the risk 50/50.

Secondly, to weed out scammers and time wasters. Believe me – experience is a sadistic teacher.

Why so inexpensive?

Firstly, living in a country with a weak currency – South Africa – means lower living costs. One can live comfortably off a minimal hourly rate – given the current exchange rate and relative monetary value.

Secondly, writing (or whichever service is specified) is the ONLY service offered. No time is wasted on other stuff that may distract from my core business activities. Please see the Terms page for more details – especially the section about specific services NOT included.

NOTE: You only pay for the word count as ordered, but the prices indicated below include ALL words (not just words over a specific character limit).

1. Content copywriting services:

Since all of the content on your website and/or blog should be geared towards generating more leads and sales, it makes sense to use persuasive writing wherever possible. The rates below also include basic search engine optimization.

500 words – $25

750 words – $37.50

1000 words – $60

1,500 words – $90

2000 words – $120

Note: Creating content of more than 750 words requires more effort to ensure coherence – hence the increased rate for orders of 751+ words.

For clarification (for those who may require it):

Informational writing refers to purely informational blog posts, articles, product descriptions and social profiles.

This rate also includes basic SEO writing, which includes the main keyword (if requested) in the title, first 150 characters, and roughly once every 100 words after that. You may want to specify secondary keywords, and some latent keywords will appear naturally due to the context.

If you require more advanced SEO writing – including things like meta tags, SEO description, “H” tags, bold and italic text, outbound links, etc., please order SEO content.

Copywriting: In some cases, clients require high quality, conversion orientated content to contribute to generating leads or making sales.. This requires additional time and effort in order for me to understand both your offer and your audience, and crafting content to promote a specific outcome or page goal.

Copywriting principles can be applied to blog posts, product descriptions, landing pages, promotional emails, brochures and social profiles.

NOTE: This pricing structure only applies to copy (blog/website) content – and not to other copywritten material like advertisements, marketing emails, etc. For those, costs will be negotiated relative to the amount of work involved.

2. eBook writing services:

3,000 words – $150

5,000 words – $250

12,000 words – $600

25,000 words – $1250

50,000 words – $2500

Pricing for custom orders can be negotiated according to your requirements..

Some clients prefer to put down a straight 50% deposit, and pay the rest upon completion. However, clients for larger jobs (8,000 words and more) often choose to pay per section completed. In these cases, a 50% deposit for each section is payable in advance.

The higher rate for writing ebooks is partly due to the additional amount of research involved, and partly due to the fact that it becomes harder to write cohesively and coherently as the word count expands.

Depending on the topic, depth and the length of the ebook, you may be required to provide research material.